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Dr. Pradip Chanda


  • IIST Shibpur
  • IIT Delhi


  • Member IEEE
  • Member ASME


Energy presents society with a multi dimensional challenges, as design of a sustainable energy system requires simultaneous consideration of economic, technical, political, environment and moral questions. The Energy trilemma suggest task of solving the competing social demands in three core issues of Access to Energy services, reliability of energy supply and environmental sustainability. In general this is not a balance structure and met via process of political economy involving collaboration, conflict and co-operation.
Despite many initiative, the prime concern of access to affordable clean energy is far away to millions of people across the country, across the globe. It is a vicious circle of ‘no access to quality energy- no economic development- leads to no access to quality energy’ needs to be broken.
India is blessed with good amount of solar insolation. With all subsidy government is providing, India’s solar profile is improving with large installation to support urban need. Our research on energy transformation needs to shift its focus from a urban driven scenario to a rural requirement. A loud thought – Can the subsidy for urban need be totally stopped and make our policy to re-allocate the subsidy in such a way that entrepreneur cannot afford to loose the opportunity for not providing affordable energy to the not connected people. Once developed the model can self sustained on improvement of local socio-economic condition. This may improve the country’s economy on long run. We, the energy focused business school may work in this direction. I am ready to…. is there any taker??


  • Doctorate of Philosophy (Energy & Control) IIT Delhi
  • Masters of Technology (Energy and Environment Management) IIT Delhi
  • Bachelor of Technology (Electrical) Bengal Engineering College Shibpur.


Energy Economics and Energy system modelling
Electricity Market and Regulations
Power Generation Technology
Quantitative Techniques in Management


  • Power generation & controls
  • Solar Thermal & PV
  • Electricity regulations
  • Ancillary services
  • Energy storage system

Current Research:

  • Optimization of fuel transport for thermal power station
  • Alternative storage for electric vehicle



  • Thermal Power operation and maintenance – Setting up systems and procedures, trouble shooting in operations
  • Training needs analysis and setting up training infrastructure in MAHAGENCO


Journal & Conference

  • PradipChanda. Quantum Dot technology as concentrator for solar cell. Indian Journal of Power and River Valley Development, Jan 2007.
  • S.K. Parida, S.N. Singh, S.C. Srivastava, P.Chanda, A.K. Shukla.Pros and Cons of Existing Frequency Regulation Mechanism in Indian Power Industry. Proceedings of IEEE POWERCON 2008.
  • S.K. Parida, S.N. Singh, S.C. Srivastava, P. Chanda. Remuneration towards Frequency Regulation Service Provision in India through A Novel Capacity Linked Mechanism. THE JOURNAL OF CPRI (Vol. 5, No. 2) SEPTEMBER – 2009, pg 65.
  • PradipChanda, PMV Subbarao, R. Balasubramanian. Modelling and controlling the transient response of a coal fired Natural circulation boiler during ID runback. ASME2010 POWER conference, July 13-15, 2010, Chicago, IL, USA
  • PradipChanda, PMV Subbarao. Modelling transient behaviour of Air and Flue gas system of a utility boiler due to ID Fan runback. Proceeding of STME, 25-26 October, 2013.
  • PradipChanda, PMV Subbarao. Controlling drum level of a utility boiler during Boiler Feed Pump runback using related rate concept. Proceedings of MicroCom 2016, IEEE

Books published

  • PradipChanda& S. Mukhopadhyay. Operation and Maintenance of Thermal power plants- Best Practices and Health Monitoring. ISBN 978-81-322-2720-5. Springer India.
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