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CMD's Message

Energy is an essential part of our lives. Its importance has further increased during the COVID-19 pandemic period as it is critical in providing emergency services and facilitating lifesaving equipment. This has clearly brought additional responsibility for the energy professional. To match the ever­ increasing need for energy, a specialized workforce is required which can serve the sector rationally. At NTPC School of Business, we have joined hands with the best in the field of management, IIM Ahmedabad, to bring forward a curriculum that would enhance the nation’s energy entail. NTPC Ltd has never shied away from its social responsibility. In the current scenario of global economic turmoil and climate change, our responsibility lies to make use of our natural resources more judicially. NTPC School of Business was envisaged under the NEARS education outlook program to produce energy managers for precisely this purpose. Our students are well aware of their role in the workplace and ready to devote their efforts to their organizations

Shri Gurdeep Singh

Chairman & Managing Director NTPC Ltd.
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