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The NSB Center for Marketing Energy Innovations integrates research, consulting and training and fills the need of how to prepare pathways and marketing plans for innovative energy products, services and technologies developed externally and internally, design training and consulting pathways to go to the market and compete for research funding internally and externally.

Five preliminary marketing plans are under peer review towards preparing pathways to go to the market. They include solar power leasing, solar farm winnower and flash -charged passenger buses etc. NETRA- the in-house R&D of NTPC is in active discussion to develop marketing strategies for internally developed energy products, services and technologies.

The centre has engaged in policy research in several important areas including a call to roll back the household subsidy for solar rooftops, recommending a community solar panel subsidy and finally, a comprehensive plan to buy back the polluting and unsustainable DG sets languishing in the urban residential societies.

Additionally, the Center has launched new executive training workshops to inspire innovations in large energy Maharatna like NTPC, ONGC and PowerGrid and assisting their energy innovation with innovative go-to-the market plans. The training workshops are Inspiring Innovation Within (May 5-7, 2020) and Marketing of Innovations, (June 16-18, 2020).

The centre is now working with the Niti Aayog, Atal Innovation Mission, National Innovation Foundation and with the Government of India mygovInnovation.


  • About the Centre:

    • The Centre for Energy, Environment & Sustainable Development takes note of the need for holistic mitigation and adaptation interventions through an systems and programmatic approach.
    • This is in response to a felt need to develop and implement integrated preventive and amelioration strategies to sustain transitions.
    • India’s developmental aspirations and her commitments to conventions and protocols and opportunities across the globe in comparable circumstances inspire the stated perspective.

    Activities of Centre:

    A project on the development of mechanisms to reach out to servicing technicians in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector is in progress since November 2020. This project has been granted by the Ozone Cell of the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India. The State of Gujarat serves as the pilot site. This is part of India’s efforts to define and consolidate stakeholder engagement mechanisms aligned with her commitments to the Montreal Protocol to deliver appropriate information in a timely manner and set the context for technical capacity building to follow about use of alternatives.


    Dr. R Gopichandran
    NTPC School of Business
    Environment and Sustainability
    Mob +91 9650754567
    Email gopichandran@nsb.ac.in,

Purpose of CRI

With 135 crore population, India is currently the second-most populous country in the world. Instead of regretting it if we look at the brighter side, billions of minds having a huge innovative spirit is more than enough to make India a land of incredible innovators. To encourage these brightest innovative minds, Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI) of NSB has taken this opportunity to make India AatmaNirbhar by providing a platform to the brightest innovative minds of the country. Prof. Mahesh Bhave is the current faculty in-charge of CRI and he is assisted by a core group of student representatives and alumni members of the school.

Area of interests

CRI is currently active in the following areas:

  • Developing framework on stressed assets acquisitions in the power sector
  • Renewable energy policy framework development
  • Smart drinking water grid in India
  • Use of artificial intelligence and blockchain in the energy sector
  • Events - National Level Inter-College Innovation Challenge

Our Motto: Think and be innovative

Competition Organized

National Level Innovation Challenge

The purpose of Innovation Challenge (IC) is to focus on the major socio- economic issues persisting in India and abroad. We encourage graduate and post graduate students to innovate new ideas to solve these issues and create a business out of it. CRI has successfully hosted two Innovation Challenges. Participants from the premier -Schools in India presented their innovative business plan during the competition.


Center for Research and Innovation in-charge

Prof. Ambika Prasad Dash
Email: apdash@nsb.ac.in
Mob: 7506997189
To get in touch with us please write us at innovation@nsb.ac.in and for latest updates please visit CRI Official website: www.nsbcri.in

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