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How India Makes For The Most Exciting Renewable Energy Market

Historically, most of India’s population in the rural regions have had no access to electricity. But due to ambitious steps gradually taken over the years, we have more people connected to the electricity grid now than ever before. India is one of the very few countries that has made great progress in the energy sector. It has only been a while that we have achieved complete electrification in India. Yet, already we have set up ambitious goals for increasing dependence on renewable energy. With eyes set to 2030 with a renewable energy target of 450 GW, we have a long and seemingly uncertain road ahead of us. But this is what makes India the most exciting renewable market in the world.

The government already has plans in motion, focusing on the creation of renewable energy, by utilising more renewable source dependent energy plants. With the advantages of cleaner energy and benefits, the government has also been gradually putting in more revenue into the projects. India is also investing in new technologies that will bind different types of renewable energy to propel India’s renewable energy to the future.

Our necessity towards an increased renewable energy capacity, will not only provide cleaner air atmosphere but also promote energy security for the future. Thus, the benefits act as a double encouragement for us to move forward, and it is working as well. The government is currently setting up the world’s biggest renewable energy project. A solar-wind farm built on 70,000 hectares of land in Gujarat will provide 30 GW of renewable energy. With that step, we have laid the foundation for a cleaner world towards avoiding climate change.

Right now, India contributes to a seventh of the world population. Being one of few nations with populations contributing to significant amounts of carbon emissions, all of the world’s eyes are set on us. Recent developments and innovations have ensured that our goal towards a renewable energy-dependent India by the next ten years is not impossible. We have already crossed 90 GW of renewable energy capacity by the end of 2020. India’s energy sector infrastructure has also stayed updated to provide more people access to clean energy. And we can be sure that we will go even further, and successfully reach the goal of 450 GW by 2030.

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