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Boosting India’s Solar Energy Potential to Achieve Green Energy Economy

Solar Energy can replace fossil fuels like coal, crude oil, and natural gas for the generation of electricity. In addition, the latter creates air, water, and land pollution. Moreover, solar energy has the potential to achieve a green energy economy in a shorter span of time.

Why Solar Energy is Important

India’s current population is approximately 1.35 Billion, increasing the demand for electrical consumption as well. Additionally, India has to consume extra energy to grow economically. However, this will increase carbon emissions which will be unfit for the environment. Thus resulting in climatic change and global warming. So, to minimize the negative impact of greenhouse gasses, emissions and carbon footprints, solar energy systems can be beneficial for transportation, cooking and other activities as well.Here are a few suggestions that could boost India’s solar energy potential to achieve a green energy economy:

Here are a few suggestions that could boost India’s solar energy potential to achieve a green energy economy:

1) Introducing AI systems

Artificial Intelligence with good algorithms helps in forecasting thermal energy demand. This, additionally, helps to produce heating and cooling at the correct times through optimization of home solar and battery systems. Also, AI helps solar installers to concentrate their marketing efforts on the consumers hence, improving the chances of profit. Moreover, by introducing Artificial Intelligence in solar energy systems, this industry will add jobs faster to the Indian economy. Therefore making the Indian economy greener.

2) Build a good approach for green energy economy

India needs an accelerated strategy for green technology innovation and a plan for climate improvement. Also, India should focus on renewable and alternative energy resources to boost sustainable development instead of exhausting natural resources directly.

India can achieve so by: (i) boosting solar energy potential for a greener economy and (ii) limiting damages to the environment.

3) Use good technologies

Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic devices convert solar energy into a source of power. So, to consume the sun’s radiations to heat water, Solar Thermal collectors should be used. Also, organizations should use photovoltaic devices to rejuvenate the electricity provided on the utility grid. Moreover, Solar Paneling systems are becoming a reality, as their installation has drastically increased among residents of India.

Thus, innovation will proceed to drive new applications of Solar Energy technologies. As a result, these will definitely improve our daily lives and help in creating a cleaner world.

4) Create job opportunities

Adoption of Solar Energy will open doors to many jobs. These include positions in manufacturing, installation, engineering, sales, and marketing as well. While the number of jobs depends on the size of the Solar plant, these jobs in rural areas will contribute in better income for additional families. Moreover, it will enhance the use of local facilities. As a result, this would help in declining the unemployment rate of urban and rural areas.

Furthermore, “Made in India” technologies will create a positive impact on our economy and decrease our reliance on imported devices. Hence, boosting India’s potential to achieve a green economy.

In a few years, fossil fuels will deplete completely, which will have an impact on our day to day lives. But, introducing the Solar Energy systems within the population of India, will contribute greatly to sustainable growth and economic growth. As a result, this will transform problems into opportunities. And, will help us in boosting India’s potential for achieving a green energy economy.

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