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How to integrate energy conservation for workplace efficiency

As we aim towards an energy efficiency future, we are gradually moving past the era of fossil fuel with the advent of green energy. Until we get to that point, however, efficient energy management requires us to be responsible for energy use. We must do so, especially since increasing expenses towards power generation is also affecting business throughout the country. That is also why it significantly matters how effective energy management is used in areas of business and workplaces. Currently, many big companies are moving forward by employing green practices, such as newer and improved equipment powered by green technology.

Who is it for?

It is true that adopting green technology implies more initial costs, and not all businesses can support that in their growing stages. In such a scenario, adopting energy conservation is the best alternative, which has been the primary path for a long time to achieving energy efficiency. Energy conservation is more than just saving the environment, as from a business point of view it helps save a lot on resources that maybe important for survival. This is why; including an energy-efficient policy geared towards energy conservation is important for all businesses, not just those with a small and medium budget.

Putting words to action

Energy conservation is a step-by-step process that requires both professional help and due process. What everyone must realize is that energy can be used for many different situations, so even better heating and cooling can save on energy. With that in mind, here are some basic steps that all businesses must follow:

Smart Meters

Smart meters are a novel, innovative idea, currently under exploration and India might even reach 250 million installations by 2022. Even though the primary function of these meters is to provide accurate measurements to the DISCOMs, consumers can still benefit just as much from their use. Businesses will have better ideas with the time and quantity of energy being used, thereby changing usage. It also ends the issue of estimated bills, which can save significantly on the side. Businesses will also be able to better manage the usage better, therefore become more efficient in energy use.


The Indian summers can be tough, and require extensive cooling solutions, especially in workplaces. Cooling solutions, even if efficient, will still use a lot of energy, thus not only upsetting the grid but also racking up a huge bill for businesses. One way to offset that is to include insulation in workplaces, which can effectively reduce the amount of heat entering the premises during the summer and the hot seasons.

Efficiency in equipment usage

Workplaces and businesses use various kinds of equipment; some go beyond the use of computers and servers which by themselves can use up a lot of energy, especially with cooling solutions. There’s also factory equipment and machinery that require a lot of energy just to function. However, it is due to inefficient management of these pieces of equipment that more energy is being used up compared to production. Incorporating efficient usage of equipment can save businesses significantly over time.

The end result

Energy conservation can make use of better technology or better use of energy itself. Regardless of how it is brought about, one thing is certain that all businesses, no matter how small or big, must employ better policies for cost-effective performances. Businesses can of course do more than that, by utilizing proper energy management with the help of professionals such as energy managers. At the NTPC School of Business we train our students in all aspects of energy management and prepare them for businesses that in future, will require proper energy management to move forward, after all, that is the only future.

Thank you for taking your time to read. If you found this blog interesting, we will be coming forward with more informative pieces in the future.

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