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How to Save and Manage Energy During Festivals?

October is here and the festivals are just around the corner. Festivals bring people together for celebration. We can sense the excitement, there is a festive vibe around, people are shopping and looking forward to these events. As much as joyful these events are, we also need to pay heed to its impact on the environment.

In the past few years, people are more aware and concerned about climate change. They are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, especially during festivals. Green power solutions have made their way of offering sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

We have compiled a few ideas on how we can minimize our carbon footprint by generating clean energy and managing waste.

Eco-friendly items: Investing in eco-friendly items will help in reducing waste material. At large gatherings, there is massive waste that needs to be dealt with and combating this waste can be handled, effectively by using biodegradable cups, plates and spoons/forks before it is hauled off to landfills.

Solar Panel: Over the years, the cost of solar panels have reduced immensely. Their availability and low cost are the reasons why these are widely popular among masses. These are 100% renewable with zero percent carbon emission. They are noise-free and can be installed anywhere. Whether it’s your home or at an event, these will consume less energy when there is a huge gathering. Its impact has been successfully witnessed during the Boom festival in Portugal.

Redefining Waste Management: Bio-Bins
These are huge containers that can dispose of organic or wet materials in an odour free manner. As compared to other developed countries, India generates more putrescible waste, hampering the process of recyclable materials. This is where the composting technique proves to be beneficial. The micro-organisms will convert the organic waste into a humus kind of substance that is rich in nutrients. It can be used for plants as an organic fertilizer than the chemical fertilizer.

If these bio-bins are used at the time of festivals with solar panels for energy along with biodegradable cups and other materials, celebrating festivals won’t contribute to polluting the earth, and there will be a significant waste reduction.

We hope these solutions shed some light on how we can conserve energy and successfully manage waste.

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