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Dr. Diwakar Sukul

Professor Diwakar Sukul is the founder and director of the KAMKUS Clinics, in London. He is also the developer of the concept of Multi-Dimensional Healthcare, Body Mind Energy (BME) Assessment, Eastern Psychotherapy and Mind, Body Connective Therapy™. The creation of Kamkus reflects a lifelong vision inspired by his beliefs, that holistic and traditional medicine should work together addressing all aspects of the person in an integrated way. Dr. Sukul possesses a Ph.D. in psychology. He has a background in clinical psychology and psychotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and NLP.
He established Kamkus in 1998 as the first Multidimensional healthcare clinic in Harley Street. At Kamkus, the key to success is the holistic approach, where each patient is seen as a whole. He introduced a multidimensional assessment carried out by a medical doctor, psychologist, and complementary medicine practitioner to provide the client with a holistic understanding of their health. After their healthcare assessment, he with his team choose the most suitable treatment from the range of conventional, complementary, and alternative medicine to give
holistic recovery to the clients.

Professor Diwakar is committed to expanding his approach to other like-minded clinics in the world and welcome joint collaboration.

He is an acknowledged expert on stress, anxiety, emotional health, personal development, and spiritual well-being by integrating Eastern/Vedic approaches. He is also trained as a Field Traumatologist and Compassion Fatigue Educator and Thought Field Therapist. He has received international recognition for his work with alcohol and drug addiction at Turning Point UK, which he treated with a unique blend of Eastern and Western approaches. He has conducted several national and international seminars and workshops on stress management, multidimensional healthcare, addiction, and other health-related problems.
He is an Adjunct Professor of NTPC School of Business.


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