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Eco-efficiency: The Answer To Getting India To Being Carbon Neutral

In India, we are no longer just environmentally conscious. We have evolved from that way of thinking to something more by actually becoming environmentally engaged, by changing how we interact with nature and how it affects us in the long term. As a result, our world is gradually shifting towards a path that is more aligned to a similar commitment to meaningful change towards the environment.

What Would Be A Meaningful Change In This Context?

Reliance on green renewable energy is the ultimate objective most of us find ourselves following gradually, but that can only succeed if we can sustain that reliance. As such, only a meaningful change in our attitude can help achieve that goal, and that can only happen when businesses across the land follow through with that way of thinking. So, how can businesses help with sustaining reliance on renewable energy? It all comes down to carbon neutrality.

Achieving a state of zero carbon dioxide emission, or carbon neutrality is a high priority goal for many, especially with the looming effects of global warming. Since we are at a stage where replacing fossil field completely is not a possibility, offsetting carbon use can still be achieved with higher dependence on renewable energy. That will gradually lead to true carbon neutrality by eliminating carbon emissions from society.

How To Achieve This Eco-efficient Change?

Sustaining a carbon-neutral society would depend on the type of renewable energy used since there is still a need for efficiency in matters of logistics and supply of energy from other sources. The best option most of us have to efficient and sustainable energy is through the reliability of solar and wind power. At the same time, however, we need the right technology to support this move towards eco-efficiency. Incurring eco-efficiency will require electricity grids to be more flexible, sustainable and resilient when it comes to power generation and supply. This will in turn require the right investment in products and systems backing up the network.

The first step towards renewable reliant India would be to increase the capacity and introduce more high-voltage infrastructure, which could power the mass electrification of transport, industry and building in India. There are already innovations on the way with components such as circuit breakers, which is one of the most crucial parts for protecting entire grids. More innovations along similar lines can help India’s eco-efficiency dream come true, providing a new opportunity for everyone and a better life.

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