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How Iot Can Help Enable Efficiency When It Comes To Energy Use

In the current era when it comes to energy use, we are still heavily dependent on fossil fuels for energy generation. It currently comprises at least 80% of global use. The effect of excessive extraction and combustion of fossil fuels leads to adverse effects, which almost everyone is aware of. However, this may also lead to other problems directly linked to the economy. This would infer that reduced energy consumption or the absolute reliance on renewable energy are the only two alternatives present before us.

However, neither of the options are sustainable for a growing economy like India where we see more incoming growth and expansion to the infrastructure. Although, this can all be solved with the proper application of energy efficiency without resorting to absolutes. With the help of modern technology, it is at last possible for us to foster efficiency in how energy is distributed. This can help slow the adverse effects of fossil fuel usage.

Technological Option

We are at a juncture in technological innovations where we can confidently say that an industrial revolution is on its way for the energy sector. A revolution such as this would not only empower the efficiency of energy use but will also enable the integration of renewable energy with optimised energy use towards sustainable energy transitions to offset the effects of climate change. The main reason for a change in the energy industry is the need for an efficient application of supply, distribution and transmission.

To do so, however, we will still require optimal management of energy and real-time analytical data in the energy supply chain. This management of energy and data may be regarding the refinery processes, energy transformation processes which may include transmission and distribution. Energy demand also plays an important role in this, especially its use in buildings, the transportation sector and industries. In order to bring all of that together, the modern technological miracle of the Internet of Things will definitely revolutionize this aspect.

Potential Of IoT

The Internet of things has the potential to augment how the trio of energy supply, distribution and transmission works. It can significantly help boost energy efficiency, thus increasing the share of usable green energy. As a result, it will also help with reducing the environmental effects of energy use. The IoT allows humans to connect with devices, processes, systems and services more efficiently and seamlessly. This has the intended effect of making various processes to be more measurable by aggregating and processing concerned data.

IoT can also potentially improve the quality of life for various areas other than the energy sector, which may include medical services, construction, water management, and agriculture among others. Internet of Things provides aid by making automated decisions based on defined protocols in real-time, and in doing so aids in significant relief in operations. The Internet of Things could be used as the primary grid controller or could also assist the existing functions. No matter how it is utilised in the stability of the power grid, a seamlessly energized India is not a faraway dream anymore.

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